At 18 James started screen printing and 20 years on he’s still loving it. James started Against the Grain back in 2014 & has never looked back! He continues to grow his business, providing Christchurch and beyond with Epic screen printed garments. Out of the office James coaches rugby and surfing, as well as having two kids, he still manages to find time fly down hills & mountains on his bike or snowboard.  James’ go to drink is Spicy water and when asked to pick between Beyoncé or Britney…. he chose Taylor.
His Pantone colour is 382.


The apparel embellishments technician for Against the Grain, in plain English Danny prints, a lot! Danny is so mad for it he’s here doing it at 7am most days. Danny plays guitar (not at the same time as printing) and is in a band called ‘Coal’. He also loves spending time with his daughters. Danny’s favorite dessert is apple crumble and if he had to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of his life it would be Titanium Expose by Sonic Youth.
His Pantone colour is 633.


Gus is Against the Grain screen technician. You’ll find him rocking out with his head phones on to metal, heavy HEAVY metal. While Gus isn’t working his 9 to 5 he enjoys drinking beer and playing music, he’s also in several metal bands. The man LOVES his heavy metal. Gus’ last gift was a bottle of Whisky from his dad at Christmas and if he could be any animal he would be a domestic house cat, does his own thing, then comes back for food.


Lydia is the office brains, social media guru, tee catcher…and more. Originally from Ireland, has travelled the world, but found herself in Christchurch living the dream. She has a Ba Hons Illustration & Screenprinting, loves creating, loves a yarn, her cat & pup. She loves all food apart from apple crumble, sorry Danny, and would happily eat pizza for the rest of her life.

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