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Artwork Guildelines


Here are some guidelines to help you out.


For the best quality, we recommend vector files from Adobe Illustrator


File Types:

ai, eps, pdf (based off vectors).

We can use any file, but this will come at additional file preparation costs.

We do not accept photos & designs in a word document.


File Sizes:

We recommend all files are 300dpi for best print quality



All fonts will need to be converted to outlines/curves or the original font files attached & emailed.

To convert fonts to outlines in illustrator, choose type > create outlines. font files can be found in library/fonts on a mac, or windows/fonts on a pc.



Please embed all images, we except jpg files for images only & 300dpi for best print quality.

If you don’t have electronic image files we can scan your image for you.



We also offer an in-house design service to help you with all your design needs.  our graphic designer will work closely with you to ensure you get the results you require.


We can modify existing artwork or create a new design with an option to fit everyone’s budget.


If you have any questions about your file preparation don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.


The maximum printable area of our screens are.

– Standard Kids T-Shirt/Tote bag Screen 280mm x 320mm
– Standard T-Shirt Screen 400mm x 570mm
– Standard Teatowel Screen 600mm x 400mm

Although the garment you choose can limit the printable areas. This must be considered when printing a large artwork. You must size the artwork to the smallest garment in the order to ensure this works for all sizes. Provided below are some templates of our commonly used garments with approximate sizing to give you an idea of scale.

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 3.02.05 PM.png



Add a little extra to your garment, with a personalised neck tag.




If you want a specific colour to be used in your artwork we use the Solid Coated Pantone Colour Guide to assure accuracy. 

Or we can match as close to the artwork on the computer screen but it is important to note that Pantone Colours will vary from monitor to swatch book to the mixed ink. We allow a tolerance of 5% variance from the Swatch book. If you have a previously printed garment and want us to match a Pantone colour you could bring this in for us.




– Text cannot be any smaller than 5mm in height, otherwise, it will not be legible when it is stitched out.
– You can have a maximum of 12 embroidery colours.

Maximum Embroidery Dimensions

– Left/right chest: 100mm wide x 150mm high
– Front cap/beanie: 100mm wide x 66mm high
– Back of cap: 90mm wide x 35mm high
– Side of cap: 50mm wide x 25mm high
– Oversized front/back of a sweater: 260mm wide x 260mm high




If you need us to re-draw your artwork so we can print it to the best result, contact us for a quote.

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