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Screen Printing

This is our speciality! With more than 20 years printing experience, you can be assured your prints will be the finest possible.

We specialize in High-detail Multi colour prints, which means we can bring your illustrations to life on a T-Shirt!

Whether it’s a 1 colour print or an 8 colour print we’ve got you covered!



Against The Grain works in close conjunction with a number of local Christchurch embroiderers to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your embroidery requirements.

Embroidery is very versatile & is suitable for all types of garments, whether you are a business or sports team/club, embroidery is a perfect way to get the professional look for your logo.


Supacolour Transfer &
Vinyl Heat Transfers 

Transcreens/Heat Transfer

Your logo's are screenprinted in reverse onto a transfer paper that has a wax coating, this allows the print to transfer onto the garments once heat pressed, then we peel the paper off to reveal the finished print. Transcreens are very strong & Durable, they are great for workwear, headwear & wet weather gear.


Supacolour Heat Transfer

Supacolour is a game-changer in the digital heat transfer world. It’s a technologically innovative way to produce digital transfers, it uses a hybrid of water-based and digital inks to give a print with amazing colour brightness and vibrancy, tonal gradients and the ability to render photo-real images. It also has a much softer feel than traditional digital transfers or vinyl transfers.

With Supacolour, you have the ability to print very fine lines and detail that would be difficult with traditional digital transfers. This allows us to replicate your logo to a higher finish without the need for any additional block colours underneath to attain the same level of detail.

Another great thing about Supacolour, there are no colour limitations, you can have as many colours in your artwork as you like and it doesn’t affect the price. There is a minimum order quantity of 20 units and we price Supacolour according to the size of the artwork e.g. 60mm x 60mm, 100mm x 100mm, A5, A4 and A3.

Vinyl Heat Transfer

Vinyl heat transfers are logos or text, that are contour cut in a plotter/cutter. We use polyester sheets that have a glue backing that melts when heat pressed.

These sheets come in a wide range of colours, this heat transfer method is perfect for one off single colour prints, individual names/team names & numbers.


Promo Products

Against the Grain is now proud to offer a wide range of custom promotional products.

To find out more, enjoy browsing the links below and feel free to get in contact with us!


Garment Supply

Garment Supply is a large part of what we do. We used a wide range of suppliers to give you a very extensive range to choose from.

We are official Re-sellers of the entire AS colours range, we find AS Colour garments to be second to none for printability, style, cut and quality.

Whether it Tee’s, Bags, sweatshirts, tees, caps, polo’s or dress shirts, if you can wear it, we can supply it!

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