Supacolour is a game changer in the digital heat transfer world. It’s a technologically innovative way to produce digital transfers, it uses a hybrid of water-based and digital inks to give a print with amazing colour brightness and vibrancy, tonal gradients and the ability to render photo-real images. It also has a much softer feel than traditional digital transfers or vinyl transfers.

With Supacolour, you have the ability to print very fine lines and detail that would be difficult with traditional digital transfers. This allows us to replicate your logo to a higher finish without the need for any additional block colours underneath to attain the same level of detail.

Another great thing about Supacolour, there are no colour limitations, you can have as many colours in your artwork as you like and it doesn’t affect the price. There is a minimum order quantity of 20 units and we price Supacolour according to the size of the artwork e.g. 60mm x 60mm, 100mm x 100mm, A5, A4 and A3.

One Setup Fee
We charge a fixed setup fee per transfer, as many colours as you like.
Vibrant Colours
Colours so rich and vibrant, they really set these transfers apart from the rest.
No Cut Lines
These transfers come ready to press with no weeding needed.
Wide Application
We cover nearly all types of fabrics and washing application.
Everything that goes into making Supacolour is eco-friendly.
Fast Delivery
We ship, in most cases, next working day.


  • Suitable for all fabric types, except ones with waterproof coatings
  • Not suitable for fabrics that will migrate
  • Tested to 50+ domestic washes
  • Good stretch


  • Dye migration transfers to stop the colour of the garment coming through the transfer
  • Suitable for all fabric types, except ones with waterproof coatings
  • Tested to 50+ domestic washes
  • Good stretch


  • For items that will not be washed
  • Suitable for a wide range of items – mostly tote bags, cooler bags, umbrellas etc.
  • Transfer has no stretch, so it is not suitable for garments


  • Will bridge the seam of a 6-panel cap without cracking when applied
  • Will work on a wide range of cap fabrics
  • Only needs one press – no second press needed in most cases


Screenprinted on to a film, where we at a glue adhesive. Then heat pressed in house on to the garment.

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