A dropshipping and fulfilment service brought to you by Against the Grain to offer printed merchandise and promotional products. Giving opportunities for creatives needing a space online to sell, while we look after the printing, packaging and shipping. Don’t worry, we got you.


  • Select your productions you want to create and sell.
  • We print it
  • We upload it to ‘The Platform’ – ATG Shop to sell.
  • You direct your pals, to ‘The Platform’ – ATG Shop to buy
  • We fulfil and send out your products


You can approach ‘The Platform’ two ways…


  • A physical garment or product we create and can store your stock while it sells online.
  • We set up  and sell the inventory on our website ‘The Platform’
  • We take care of packing and sending out the orders.
  • As they are physical products, once a customer makes a purchase from ‘The Platform’ we send it out for delivery within 2 – 3 business days or pick up from our showroom in Christchurch.
  • Each week we deposit into your account money from the sales.


  • All products are PRE-ORDER, meaning we don’t print until the campaign has finished.
  • Pre-orders run for 7 days on ‘The Platform(if the minimum quantity isn’t met in the pre-sale, we can chat about extending this)
  • There is a 12 unit sale minimum
  • Select from our wide choice of garment suppliers.
  • We will send the order within 10-15 working days after the pre-order sale ends.
  • When the pre-sales end we deposit money made from the sales into your account.

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